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About Doodles by Katie


A Bit About the Breed


Originally bred to be guide dogs the Poodle and Labrador Retriever cross has a low shed coat creating the ideal dog for people with mild allergies. A wonderful dog for family's as they have a loving and friendly temperament, they get along well with kids and other dogs. Playful and active but easy to train, labradoodles are an adaptive dog that will always be there for you.


The cross between a Poodle and Golden Retriever, goldendoodles are extremely affectionate and loving towards anyone and anything other dogs, kids, even strangers. Low shedding much like labradooles, and high intelligence making an easy to train dog.

About Katie Maddox

A Bit About Katie

Katie's love of dogs has brought her to this path of breeding furry friends. She has been breeding dogs for about a year as an apprentice with Olivia Matyear of Southerndoodlin in the south Texas area. She is so happy to get to work with family and continue this tradition. Her greatest joy in this is seeing the delight on the faces of her clients as they meet their new family members. She is proud of the fact that this breed of dog makes for superior service, therapy, and all-around family animals. She looks forward to assisting you in your search for a new addition to your family.